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Treating Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH Drugs:

Drugs may provide symptom relief for many men. Drugs are costly, must be taken everyday for the rest of your life, and may stop working over time. Side effects depend on which BPH drugs are prescribed. They can include lowered sexual drive, erection or ejaculation problems, dizziness or headache, low blood pressure, and nasal congestion. They can cause conflict when taken along with other drugs for impotence since both can lower blood pressure.

Traditional BPH Surgery:

BPH surgery removes enlarged prostate tissue. It is performed in a hospital or surgical center and requires general or spinal anesthesia.

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) is the traditional BPH surgery. It usually causes retrograde ejaculation or dry climax. It is done through the urethra without an incision. Larger prostates can be treated surgically with an incision. With newer TURP equipment and techniques this is rarely necessary. Many patients leave the hospital on the same day.

Laser BPH Surgery:

Laser surgery is a bit less invasive than TURP but not quite as effective. Sexual side effects are rare with laser surgery. It is relatively noninvasive. Recovery and improvement are rapid. Newer laser technology has made this procedure more effective than earlier techniques. It has gained a position of increased popularity with patients and urologists.

BPH Heat Treatment (Thermotherapy or TUMT):

Heat treatment safely destroys enlarged prostate tissue. It may be used in place of drugs and can be used when drugs no longer work. Thermotherapy is not surgery. Optimized Microwave Thermotherapy as used in our office has a proven record of long-term safety and BPH symptom relief. Sexual side effects are rare. It is done comfortably in the office. Heat is applied to tissue in the prostate in order to cause it to shrink.

Laser prostate vaporization, TUMT, and TURP provide better BPH symptom relief than drugs. Thousands of men have been successfully treated with each of these techniques.

Summary of Important Points:

  • Laser surgery and microwave therapy are both approved by the FDA as safe and effective treatments for BPH
  • Studies have shown that both can provide long lasting symptom relief for many patients
  • Most patients go back to normal activities after 24 hours with either treatment
  • There are no long term side effects
  • Both are covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans
  • TURP is still the traditional “gold standard” for treatment of BPH
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David Sobel, MD.
David Sobel, MD.
David Sobel, MD.
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